72 Inch Vitesse Weight Bar and 50Kg Mixed Weight Set.

72 Inch Vitesse Standard Weight Bar and 50Kg Mixed Weight Set with Long Barbell and Weight Plates of 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg and 10kg.

This complete bar and weight set includes a long bar known as a barbell and a set of weights which are known as plates, there are a total of 50kg of plates in the set which are made up of the following individual plates 2.5kg x 2, 5kg x 2, 7.5kg x 2 and 10kg x 2.
72 Inch Vitesse Standard Weight Bar and 50Kg Mixed Weight Set, Long Barbell.

Long Barbell and Weight Plates, 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg.

The barbell is 72 inches in length that's 1.82 meters in metric and the total amount of weights (plates) is 50kg that's 110lbs the weights fit on the barbell included and are standard size (25.4mm diameter) hole plates so you can use them on any other barbells and dumbbells you might have already making this bar and weight set more versatile so you won't be stuck with a bar and weight set that won't fit anything else.

You get two star lock collars to fit the ends of the barbell, these screw onto the threaded ends of the barbell and hold the plates in place when your using the barbell, the barbell is made from cold rolled steel with a chrome finish so it always looks nice and shiny and the plates are extra thick at the centre to ensure they don't ever crack even after years of use, the plates are made to a high tolerance so two of the same weight plates actually weigh the same amount so the barbell will feel well balanced when your lifting it.

The plates are made from cast iron that has been rounded with no sharp edges to catch your fingers on and the weight of the individual plates has been cast into the plate and is raised above the surface of the plate so its easy to see and feel the weight size.

Delivery is free and there's a one year warranty on this barbell and weight set.
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