AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

The AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is a High Spec Garden Trampoline with Large Legs, perfect for Soggy Lawns.

If your lawn is always wet and soggy you might be concerned that you can't use a trampoline in such soggy conditions or that a trampoline might sink, well the AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline has large metal folded legs that rest on top of the grass and don't sink into the grass and can be used on grass, sand and soil.
AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, High Spec Garden Trampoline

High Spec Garden Trampoline.

You may have a waterlogged lawn full of moss but that doesn't matter to the AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline your children can still have lots of fun on the trampoline even if your lawn is a bit of a mess.

For smaller children a trampoline ladder is included so small children can easily climb up inside the trampoline or climb down afterwards, there's a safety enclosure which extends all the way round the trampoline and stops children falling out of the trampoline and onto the grass, a fabric door in the safety enclosure netting lets children in and out.

The safety enclosure poles are covered in safety foam and the spring area is covered by safety pads too so there's no way for children to hurt themselves.

This is a 12 feet diameter trampoline that's approximately the same size as two adults lying on the grass head to toe, so you can check to see that the trampoline will fit into your garden before you buy it.

The trampoline is supplied with free delivery by courier and will arrive in a small box ready for you to assemble the trampoline, the instructions are clear and it's just a case of following the pictures, all the tools you need are included with the trampoline and once assembled the trampoline can stay outside in the garden forever as its fully waterproof and rust proof too with a 5 year anti-rust warranty.
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