AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline.

The AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline ia a Space Saving Trampoline for Indoors or Garden use.

If you think you don't have room for a trampoline, then take a look at this mini 5 foot trampoline from AirKing, you can use this trampoline in your garden or inside your house, both adults and children can use this trampoline too.
AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline, Space Saving Trampoline

Space Saving Trampoline.

Outside in the garden you can use this mini trampoline on decking, on the grass, on the patio, in the front garden, in the back garden, even on your drive or hard standing area, the trampoline is fully waterproof and can be left out in the garden all year round, the trampoline surface has what's called an easy drain surface, rain water can pass straight through the woven rubber surface of the trampoline so the trampoline is dry as soon as its finished raining.

The metal frame has a 5 year guarantee against rust so there's no harm in leaving the trampoline out in rain or snow, and the other materials are UV sunlight resistant so they won't fade or crack.

Indoors the mini 5ft trampoline doesn't take up much room, if you have the space for a chair, you have the space for this mini trampoline, when not in use the legs fold away so you can store the trampoline on its side or under a bed, its the perfect trampoline for when you absolutely have no space in your flat, apartment or bedsit but still want to exercise and keep fit as well as give your children a trampoline that's every bit as good as the bigger trampolines available.

Delivered free of charge so as well as having a super low price that has been reduced in price even further and is now heavily discounted you won't have to pay a thing for delivery by a professional courier company.
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