AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

The AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Trampolines for Small Gardens where No Space is Required.

If you want to buy a trampoline for the children but think you just don't have the space in your garden or in your small outside area then consider the Mini 5ft Trampoline with safety enclosure, if you have the room to put a chair in your garden or a chair on your patio or decked area then you have all the space required for the mini 5ft trampoline.
AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Trampolines for Small Gardens

Trampolines for Small Gardens.

Not only has this 5ft trampoline got a small size its got a small price as well and is the bestselling small trampoline available, and now the price has been reduced by 50% its a absolute bargain, you get free delivery too so there's no extras to pay for.

This 5ft trampoline is a quality trampoline and comes with a 5 year warranty against the frame rusting, the trampoline is also UV resistant so won't crack or fade in colour so you can leave the mini trampoline outside all year long, there's no need to try and find a storage space or take the trampoline apart, just leave the trampoline in the garden, on the decking, on the patio or wherever you have decided to put it, the trampoline will be ready for use straight away.

Whilst being a small trampoline for small places this 5 foot trampoline still has all the safety features that bigger trampolines have like a safety enclosure that surrounds the trampoline and prevents children from falling out of the trampoline whilst they are bouncing, there's a door in the safety next for getting in and out of the trampoline safely.

You don't have top put the safety enclosure on and indeed if adults only are using the trampoline you might not need too, but for children its a great safety feature that's included free of charge.

The AirKing Mini 5ft trampoline has thirty high bounce springs so there's plenty of bounce in the springs and the springs are zinc coated so they won't rust giving years of enjoyment, the bounce of the trampoline is created by both the springs around the edge of the trampoline and the trampoline bounce mat which is made of a synthetic rubber called polypropylene the rubber is a polypropylene weave which allows rain water to pass through the rubber leaving the trampoline jump mat dry and ready to use again after ist been raining.

Because the trampoline is self draining you can leave the trampoline outside all year in the rain and it won't get waterlogged or suffer from rust or rot in fact there's a five year warranty against rust.

The trampoline mat is very strong the springs are fastened to the trampoline mat with v-rings which are sewn into the trampoline mat with ten rows of perimeter stitching that's more layers of stitching than any other brand of trampoline (typically a cheap trampoline will use on four layers of perimeter stitching, not enough for a long life of bouncing).

The trampoline is delivered free of charge by courier company and comes with full instructions and all the tools you need for assembly, hardly any tools are needed actually but everything you do need is included in the box and you certainly don't need to be a DIY expert, just follow the simple instructions and within one hour your trampoline will be ready for use.

The trampoline frame and legs are made from galvanised steel, galvanised steel does not rust and the steel tube used has been galvanised on both the outside of the steel that you can see and on the inside of the steel that you can't creating a waterproof frame and legs that look good as the galvanisation process makes them nice and shiny and last for many years against rust.
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