AirKing Oval 11ft by 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

The AirKing Oval 11ft by 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is for Odd Shaped Gardens as it's Longer than it is Wide.

Do you have a garden that's longer than it is wide or a strange shape that means you want a large trampoline but don't want the trampoline to block your garden, then an 11 feet long by 8 feet wide trampoline is what you need to buy, it's large with 11 feet of bouncing space yet narrower in the width at only 8 feet so will fit into narrow gardens and other restricted spaces.
AirKing Oval 11ft by 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Odd Shaped Gardens

Odd Shaped Gardens.

An oval trampoline is a space saver taking up less room in your garden and also an oval design has one of the best bounce characteristics of any trampoline meaning your bounce higher with an oval trampoline, your get professional performance in a trampoline that's child safe and child friendly.

The trampoline comes with a safety enclosure that you can fit if you want too, this safety enclosure attaches round the trampoline and prevents anyone falling off whilst bouncing, it's not compulsory to fit the safety enclosure but it's advisable to avoid injury if you bounce onto the floor.

This is an outdoor trampoline designed for your garden, its designed to be left outside all year long in both the summer and the winter, the metal frame and legs have a 5 year guarantee against rust and the spring safety padding and polypropylene bouncing mat are resistant to sunshine and water, the trampoline mat is made from a polypropylene weave that actually allows rain water to pass straight through leaving the trampoline surface dry immediately after its been raining.

The trampoline is delivered free of charge by courier company and comes folded into a box for home assembly, its easy to assemble as you only need one tool which is included free in the box, once the trampoline is assembled you don't ever need to take it apart as the trampoline can be left outside in all weathers.
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