AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

The AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is a Thin Trampoline for Smaller Gardens with Free Delivery.

Do you have a small garden that's longer than it is wide, then you need a trampoline that can fit in such a space, this 15 feet long by 10 feet wide trampoline is longer than it is wide, its ideal for long thin gardens, if you thought that you could not have a large trampoline in your thin garden, well now you can.
AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Thin Trampoline for Smaller Gardens

Thin Trampoline for Smaller Gardens.

The unique oval shape of the trampoline means that the trampoline will fit in awkward spaces, with 15 feet in length and 10 feet in width there's still plenty of room for the whole family to bounce on this trampoline, put the trampoline in the garden, it's an all weather trampoline that can cope with being left outside all year long, from summer to winter there's no problems with the weather, the trampoline surface even has a quick drain feature that means rain water will pass straight through the trampoline rubber surface and not become water logged, so when its raining this trampoline is ready for use as soon as it stops.

There's a full safety enclosure around the trampoline, the safety enclosure does not have to be put on the trampoline but is strongly advised if you are using the trampoline for children as it will prevent children from falling off the trampoline and onto the ground.

The trampoline legs are solid and secure and the unique folded back trampoline legs means that the legs won't sink into wet or damp soil and the trampoline can be used on sand, soil, grass, concrete, wood or wood chippings.

The trampoline has a 5 year guarantee against rust so the British weather won't spoil the trampoline and with 112 springs and a modern runner trampoline surface made from woven Polypropylene you have a trampoline that the children will be able to bounce high on, yet bounce in complete safety thanks to the safety enclosure.
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