Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike the Modern Exercise Cycle with Flat Panel Display and 4 User Family Memory.

Want to buy a modern exercise cycle for your home then take a look at the Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike which has a very smart flat panel display and four user memory, what that means is that the whole family can use this exercise bike and save their settings to their own profile for loading the next time they use the exercise bike, so if you have entered your height and max heart rates and made your own exercise plan it will all be saved under your profile ready for the next time your exercise.
Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike, Modern Exercise Cycle.

Modern Exercise Cycle, Flat Panel Display, 4 User Family Memory.

The comfortable saddle is well padded and moves not only up and down for height as you would expect but forwards and backwards too so you can bring yourself closer or further away from the handlebars, so far example if your pregnant your want more room between you and the handlebars or if your overweight and just starting out to lose weight you can give yourself lots of room so your not squashed up tight against the handlebars.

The modern flat panel display is dual backlit so can be read even in low light conditions and is perfect if for example you wear glasses or contact lenses to read and like to take them out when your exercising, your still be able to read the digital display clearly.

On the flat panel display your see your exercise statistics which include your RPM Revolutions Per Minute which shows you how fast the wheels would be turning if your where not on a static indoor exercise bike but out on the road as well as the distance you would have travelled if you where out on the road and also your pulse measured from a pulse sensor built into the handlebars.
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