Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

The Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike is a Professional Quality Exercise Cycle that's top of the range.

The Body Sculpture BC-7300G Exercise Bike has a colour touch screen for selecting exercise programmes so there's no need to mess around with buttons and knobs, just touch the large colour screen to select the exercise programme your interested in, there's 12 programmes available for you to choose from with options like fat burn, intense workout, lose weight, strength training, cardio vascular workout and more, or you can make your own exercise programme by having the exercise bike remember the settings you choose, so the next time you want to exercise, there's no need to make any adjustments just select the exercise program you saved.
Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Professional Quality

Professional Quality.

The BC-7300G Exercise Bike is a beautiful looking exercise bike in white with silver metal work and black and grey trim.

The handlebars include pulse sensors built in, so simply hold the handlebars as you exercise and your heart rate will be displayed on the large touch screen mounted in front of you.

There's a large seat on this exercise bike and as well as adjusting the saddle up and down you can adjust the saddle inwards and outwards bringing you closer or further away to the handlebars of the exercise bike, this is a great innovation, if your short your want to be closer to the handlebars and if your tall your want to be further away, with exercise bikes that can only adjust the seat up and down you can't get the exact right position, with the Body Sculpture BC-7300G Exercise Bike adjustable seat you can.

A large stand on the front and back prevent this exercise bike from wobbling in use, no matter what floor you have at home from carpet to lino and wood the large stand means there's no vibration or rattle whilst you exercise and the exercise bike is easy to move too, just lift up one end and the transport wheels will touch the floor for easy moving.
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