Body Sculpture BCR-3100 Magic Rider.

Body Sculpture BCR-3100 Magic Rider which Looks Like a Bucking Bronco and Tones Stomach and Legs.

This looks like a bucking bronco it has a saddle that moves backwards and forwards and a half pedal that moves up and down you sit on the saddle and work the pedals which moves the seat back and forth you look like your riding out in the wild west and your working your stomach muscles, leg muscles, abs, oblique's, inner thighs and lumbar muscles in fact all the muscles you need to tone and look good.
Body Sculpture BCR-3100 Magic Rider, Looks Like a Bucking Bronco.

Looks Like a Bucking Bronco, Tones Stomach and Legs.

The Body Sculpture BCR-3100 Magic Rider is bright orange in colour and is a lot of fun your be laughing as much as you will be exercising and in actual fact it feels more like a game than serious exercise but the next day your really feel it on your thighs and stomach muscles as this marvellous bucking bronco does its work and your muscles start to shape and tone, your lose the fat over your muscles and get leaner and fitter strengthening your core muscles.

Ideal to watch in front of the telly and small enough because there is no big frame to pick up and carry or store easily in a corner, your be wanting to let all your friends have a go for two reasons firstly because it really does work and your feel your muscles being worked and secondly because you just want to laugh at your mates sitting on something that looks so ridicules.

The saddle is well padded and comfortable and has hand holds at the front of the saddle and the back just like a bucking bronco all you need is your cowboy Stetson and a whip as you shout yeehaw as you exercise anyone who hasn't tried it will think your mad but its so much fun the Body Sculpture BCR-3100 Magic Rider is becoming a best seller.

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