Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors.

The Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors is a Folding Rowing Machine that's Brightly Coloured.

If you want something a bit different for your home rowing machine then how about a brightly coloured rowing machine, this one is bright orange, much better than your usual grey rowing machines.
Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, Folding Rowing Machine

Folding Rowing Machine.

The rear foot of the rowing machine is hinged and folds flat for easy storage so you can easily transport this rower in the boot of your car or carry the rowing machine between rooms in your home, its easy to store in your wardrobe or a cupboard or even under the stairs.

With a built in training computer that actually is built-in top the rowing machine and not one of these afterthought training computers that some manufacturers just stick on and can become damaged all too easily as they are exposed to knocks and bangs being mounted some way away from the rowing machine body, with the Body Sculpture Rowing Machine the training computer is flush with the rowing machine body so it won't get knocked or damaged, it's still easy to read as its mounted in an angled pice of the rowing machine frame which gives good visibility whilst your rowing.

The training computer will even show you the calories that you have burned whilst you are rowing so it's easy to see how your diet or weight loss program is going, the tension control or resistance your rowing against is controlled by a rotary knob that's mounted in front of you so it's easy to change resistance from the seated position whilst you are in the rowing machine, even when you have your feet in the foot pedals and the foot straps fastened you still have the range of movement to adjust the resistance level and make adjusts to the training computer without straining yourself.
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