Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors.

The Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors is a Compact Rowing Machine that Folds for Easy Storage.

The rear leg of this rowing machine folds flat for easy storage so you can stand the rowing machine up in a cupboard or wardrobe or any out of the way spot, with the whole rowing machine pointing upwards and secure on its side your have much more floor space than other rowing machines that don't fold away.
Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, Compact Rowing Machine

Compact Rowing Machine.

What makes this rowing machine unique is that there's a 5kg flywheel inside the front of the rowing machine, this flywheel makes for a very realistic real rowing experience where the fluid motion of rowing is replicated by the flywheel that means no jerky starts or friction type stopping or delays whilst your rowing, if you want your rowing exercise to actually feel like real rowing then the Body Sculpture Rowing Machine is for you.

Also unique to this rowing machine are pulse sensors in the hand grips, these measure your pulse as you row holding the hand grips, this pulse information is then relayed back to the rowing machine display and shown as your heart rate whilst your rowing, if you ever thought you were tired rowing and could not go on or felt like you had energy to spare, now you can actually see your current state of fitness as you row.

The Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine also has a calorie counter and will display the calories your burning actually whilst your rowing, it's a great way to realise exactly how much exercise you have to do to counter an excess of calories in your food, if your fat that's because your burning less calories than you consume and with the Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine you can now for the first time see how many calories your burning as you burn the calories in real-time.
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