Body Sculpture BSB1400 Pilates Trainer.

The Body Sculpture BSB1400 Pilates Trainer is a piece of Pilates Exercise Equipment to help you Shape, Tone and Workout.

If you're keen to get into Pilates to stretch, tone and shape your body as well as giving a full workout then you will have noticed that Pilates is all about technique, the wrong technique and you're not getting the full benefit of the position or the exercise, with a Pilates trainer your body is held in exactly the correct position so you get 100% of the benefit of your time spend exercising, it's like having a Pilates instructor at home with you.
Body Sculpture BSB1400 Pilates Trainer, Pilates Exercise Equipment

Pilates Exercise Equipment.

This Pilates trainer is made from metal with form pads for the headrest, hand holds, arm pads and leg rests, it's a beautiful looking Pilates trainer with silver coloured metal, black and dark grey foam pads and rests.

The length of the leg rests is fully adjustable so whether you're tall or short the Pilates trainer will fit without being too large that the optimum exercise position cannot be achieved and without being too small that your cramped inside the Pilates trainer.

Some of the bigger Pilates reformers are as big as a bed and need their own dedicated room with leg straps and ropes all over the place, this Pilates trainer is self contained and has no bits to falll off or get lost, adjusting for your height is via a knob you simply turn so everything is easier, plus a Pilates Trainer is so much cheaper than a Pilates reformer with Pilates reformers costing hundreds of pounds more that this Pilates trainer.

The Pilates trainer is silent in operation too unlike some Pilates reformers which creak and squeak as they are of wooden construction, the Pilates trainer is all metal, you can use the trainer on the bare floor or on a Pilates mat, the feet of the Pilates trainer will prevent any squeaks or vibrations from interrupting your calmed state as you exercise and tone your body.
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