BodyTrain 100kg One Inch bar and Weight Set.

Buy the BodyTrain 100kg One Inch bar and Weight Set, it's a Weightlifting Set which includes Long Bars and Dumbbells.

If you want to buy a weightlifting set to train with, you don't want to have to buy lots of separate items, buy this weightlifting set that includes lots of interchangeable weights so you can make up long bars and dumbbell bars with exactly the weight your looking to train with.
BodyTrain 100kg One Inch bar and Weight Set, Weightlifting Set

Weightlifting Set.

No longer will you have to train with weights that are lighter than you would like or heavier than you would like, with this weightlifting set you can make up exactly the weight you want to exercise with, simply add the weights to the long bar or dumbbell bar and then screw the collar hand tight and thats it your ready to lift those weights.

Use these long bars with a weightlifting bench or for stand up weight training, use the dumbbell bars for arm work sitting down or standing up.

The weights are beautifully made and solid metal, both the weights and the bars are solid metal, the bars are a beautiful silver colour and the weights are a deep black colour with the weight of each disc embossed into the side of the weights, no cheap and nasty plastics used here these are solid metal weights that are going to last you a lifetime.

This weightlifting set is delivered by courier free of charge and just as well because sending 100kg of weight by courier would be expensive, but its free when your order, the weightlifting bars themselves have been reduced in price and now represent an absolute bargain.

If you need more weights or bars because maybe there are two of you training or you want to leave some of the weights attached to a weight bench then simply buy two weightlifting sets with free delivery and the price reduction your getting a great deal.
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