BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill the Folding Walking Treadmill and Home Exercise Machine.

Buy this high quality walking treadmill and you will have home exercise whenever you want it come rain or shine you can exercise at home without getting cold or wet outside and if your worried about people shouting or taunting when your out walking then exercising in your own home is the answer.
BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill, Folding Walking Treadmill.

Folding Walking Treadmill.

The BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill is designed for walking not running, if your only interested in walking why pay for features you won't use, the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill is strong too with an all metal construction and a maximum user weight of 16 stone so it's suitable for the young and the elderly, the overweight and those who just want to use the walking treadmill to tone or get some cardio vascular exercise.

Talking of cardio vascular exercise the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill is a great way to lose weight as it works the two largest muscles in your body, your legs and the digital display also features a calorie counter so its easy to see how your exercise is going and how many calories you have burned today, vital if your on a calorie controlled diet.

The large 1.1 meter treadmill length makes it easy for those new to treadmills to use, a common complaint from people new to running or walking on a treadmill is that the treadmill feels so small and they worry they might fall off with 1.1 meters of space, you have all the room you need.

On top of the digital display unit is a large red emergency stop button just press this or slap your hand down on the button when your walking to bring the machine to an immediate full stop there's also an emergency stop cord which you can hold in your hand as you walk, pull the cord and the treadmill will emergency stop.
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