BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

The BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike is a Top of the Range Black Exercise Bike.

A body fat calculator is built into the exercise bike that will measure your body fat as BMI Body Mass Index, so over time you can see how your weight loss is going.
BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Top of the Range

Top of the Range.

Extra large sensors in the handlebars measure your heart rate and display your heart rate on the large colour digital display.

For comfort the exercise bike saddle is adjustable not only up and down but forwards and backwards too, this is great for those who are small or tall as now then can adjust how far away they are from the handlebars, all other exercise bikes only adjust the saddle up and down, so the BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike is the one to buy if you find yourself sat too far away from the handlebars.

As this exercise bike is for use in the home, its designed to be quiet in operation the silent magnetic resistance system provides the resistance to your pedalling without the use of big and noisy fans like you might find down at the gym.

There's 16 levels of resistance to choose from ranging from level 1 which is an easy pedal to level 16 which really does feel like going up the largest of hills.

AS the BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike is programmable you can select the effort level, duration, varying resistance levels and program that information into the exercise bike so it remembers for the next time you want to exercise, so there is no need to setup your ideal settings every time, you can make different settings for up to 4 different users so each users settings are remembered and easily loaded so four people can share the exercise bike.

Non slip pedals have been used to hold your feet firmly on the cycles pedals so you don't slip, and there's a fastening strap which you can fasten round your foot to exactly fit so your feet are secured whilst you cycle, some people like to use the pedal fasteners, others prefer not too, now you have the choice.
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