BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill.

For a Cheap Treadmill you can't buy better than the bestselling BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill which is the cheapest selling treadmill in the UK today.

Not only is the BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill the cheapest treadmill, but it's got a lot of great features that make this a very popular treadmill, features like it's easy to use folding mechanism that means the treadmill folds up completely flat when not in use so it's easy to store under your bed, against a wall, in the cupboard, on the wall in your garage or just about anywhere you like.
BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill, Cheap Treadmill

Cheap Treadmill.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone this is not some cheap treadmill that's so flimsy as to be unusable it's a solid treadmill made from solid steel that can be used by the young and the old, its ideal for the whole family.

There's a water bottle included that's mounted on the right hand side of the treadmill, simply reach out your hand whilst running or walking and take a drink without having to get off the treadmill or stop your exercise.

On the right hand side of the treadmill directly in front of you and within easy reach is a resistance adjustment, here you can vary how hard it is to walk or run on the treadmill belt, simply turn the resistance knob to increase or decrease the difficulty, no complicated computer menus to fathom here.

You can adjust the resistance level or effort level as you are walking or running along, you don't need to stop and get off the treadmill like you do on some makes of treadmill even some treadmills costing hundreds of pounds more.

The treadmills incline is variable too, that's the amount of hill you are walking or running up, some people like running up hills or walking up hills and you can easily adjust the incline to suit, and of course some people don't like running or walking up hills so you can have no hill at all and run or walk on a completely flat surface.

The treadmill simply plugs into a normal electrical wall socket and the computer on the handlebar displays your time taken, distance travelled, the speed you are running or walking and the calories you have used whilst actually running or walking, that's a real plus point as its very easy to use the treadmill to lose weight and get fit, if you're counting calories.

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