Simple To Use, Home Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike the Simple To Use Home Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain have produced a strong and sturdy exercise bike that's simple to use in the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike there's sixteen different exercise programs built into the exercise computer and these exercise programs automatically adjust the tension in the pedals making it easier or harder to pedal and so varying your workout, the exercise programs include programs to tone and shape your legs, thighs, calves and bottom as well as programs to burn fat and increase your stamina.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Simple To Use.

Comfortable Handlebars, Saddle, Comfort Bike.

The buttons on the display console are large and easy to use with the digital display directly above the buttons showing your cycling statistics which include how long you have been cycling for, your current speed and distance travelled as well as the calories you have burned whilst you have been cycling.

The digital display also shows you your pulse rate this is measured by pulse sensors in the handlebars of the exercise bike, simply hold the handlebars and the pulse in the palm of your hands will be measured and displayed on the digital readout.

Inside the exercise bike is a 7kg flywheel that rotates as you pedal this provides plenty of momentum to make cycling easier and more fluid and more like you where really cycling out on the road.

The tension that you cycle against in the pedals is provided by a magnetic resistance system, magnetic systems are far quiet than more mechanical systems as they have fewer moving parts and also last longer.

The pedals have a comfortable safety strap which holds your feet on the pedals whilst you cycle, the safety strap is fully adjustable but you don't have to use the safety strap if you prefer not too as not everyone does.

The seat is large and comfortable and fully height adjustable, you don't need any tools to adjust the height of the seat just turn the large hand wheel which is located on the pillar below the saddle.
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