BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym.

The BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym has a Removable Bench for Easy Storage.

Use standard one inch hole weights with this bench gym, no need to buy more weights if you have standard weights already.
BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym, Removable Bench

Removable Bench.

When you remove the bench you get full access to the rowing station where you have a real rowing machine, not a chain rowing machine that's hard to row but a proper cable rowing machine just like the separate rowing machines you might find down the gym, the great advantage is that you have a rowing machine included in your bench gym for no extra cost, it's like having several different pieces of gym equipment at home, yet you don't have to spend any extra money or find a place to store these extra exercise machines as they are all included in the one bench gym.

On the leg station you can do leg curls and leg extensions and attach h the included arm rest and you can do bicep curls too, more saving money here as all these different exercise machines are all included in the one bench gym, not to mention the saving in space around your home.

The bench backrest can be inclined to any of seven different positions giving you maximum choice how you exercise from standing up to sitting down straight to angling your back to completely flat, this bench gym is very flexible and will give you the most exercise options whilst you train, exercise and keep fit.

Use the chest press which is also included as a straight chest press, butterfly press and use the comfortable foam protected seat to sit down and angle the back rest for the most comfortable position whilst you're seated at the chest press.

There's a pulldown bar too giving you even more pieces of exercise equipment in the one bench gym, on the lat pulldown bars you can do forward lateral pulldowns, rear facing lateral pulldowns, assisted crunches and triceps extensions, all from the one piece of equipment.

If you're looking for a comprehensive weight training exercise program and want one piece of exercise equipment to offer so many exercises then the BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym with free delivery is the best buy.
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