Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate.

Buy the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate it has 70 Speed Levels and a Built-In Massage Machine.

For a truly powerful vibration plate buy the Bodytrain 2000w Vibration Plate, this is a full size vibration plate you stand on, the vibration plate has hand rails and a console that reaches up to waist height, this is a powerful full size vibration plate and not one of those cheap and nasty vibration plates that are so small you can't stand on them.
Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate, 70 Speed Levels

70 Speed Levels.

The Bodytrain 2000w Vibration Plate is the choice of the professionals and your be surprised by just how cheap this vibration plate is, it's been reduced in price and is now half price.

With 70 different speed levels to choose from you can use the vibration plate for anything from light vibrations to very strong and powerful vibrations, in fact that's one reason why this vibration plate also has a built in massage machine which uses these powerful vibrations to give you a full body massage, work on individual parts of the body or vibration massage your whole body.

The powerful vibration plate motor is rated at a very large 2000 watts of power so your have all the vibrations and massage vibrations you can handle, its fully adjustable from small to large vibrations.

Stand on the massage and vibration foot plate and feel the massage vibrations run through your feet and up your legs and thighs, for tired, aching feet and legs there is no better massage machine to relieve the pain of standing all day long.

You can use this vibration machine to tone your muscles and to lose weight, there's even a built-in body fat calculator which will display your body fat on the BMI scale (Body Mass Indicator), as you use the vibration plate each day your be able to watch as your levels of fat as measured by the BMI calculator lower.
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