Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike the Stationary Exercise Bike for Home Use, Hi Tech Racing Fitness Cycle.

For a super fast racing fitness bike for use at home buy the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike which is very hi tech and looks stylish with dark orange coloured bike and white decal strips and metal work that's chrome plated, plus you get free next day delivery and a one year free warranty.
Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike, Stationary Exercise Bike.

Stationary Exercise Bike.

For convenience there's even a modern and stylish looking aluminium coloured water bottle mounted on the front wheel post which is easily to hand when you need to grab a drink of water whilst you cycle, the pedals will hold your feet securely and feature a professional foot cage that's adjustable for everyone's feet from small to extra large.

On the cross bar your find a tension control knob, simply twist this knob to increase the tension, increase how hard it is to cycle or twist the other direction to make it easier to cycle.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone everyone in the family can use this stationary racing bike whether to burn calories and keep trim or just for the pleasure of exercise and with an indoor racing bike your never get wt or cold.

For easy storage the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike is fitted with transportation wheels simply lift the bike up by the saddle and you can wheel the bike along like a wheelbarrow and move the bike into another room or into storage when the bike is not being used.

For a very smooth ride that accurately simulates outdoor road cycle racing the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike has a 13kg flywheel front wheel, this flywheel is coupled to the pedals by chain just like a real racing bike and makes the bike super quiet and easy to cycle without hard to start jerky movements.
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