Buy BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer.

Buy the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer the Best Pilates Machine, Wooden Pilates Reformer.

Buy the best Pilates machine available and buy the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer it makes a great gift for the Pilates enthusiast and has free next day delivery to, so if you have left your present buying a bit late the Pilates reformer will still arrive tomorrow if ordered today.
Buy BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer, Best Pilates Machine.

Best Pilates Machine.

This hardwood bench style wooden Pilates reformer is super strong and will give years of surface, the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer is also beautiful to look at with natural hardwood that's thick and will prevent shaking, wobbling, vibration or noise as you use your Pilates reformer.

The carriage uses four wheels to move the carriage along the strong metal track, the steel track is gun metal black in colour and super silent in use as the carriage seat moves back and fourth.

The saddle seat is made from synthetic leather and underneath is high density foam which supports your bottom as you do your Pilates exercises, the foot loops and hand loops are both adjustable and you don't need any tools to make an adjustment, the rope and pulley height is also fully adjustable so you can make sure that the rope and pulley are routed out of your way whilst you exercise.

In you home the Pilates reformer will make a great talking point and looks beautiful with the light oak coloured hardwood and the gun metal black coloured steel rails with bright zinc plated nuts and bolts your have a Pilates reformer that will be the envy of all your friends.

As well as free next day delivery the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer is also available at a reduced price and comes with a full 12 months free warranty.
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