Buy SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike.

Buy the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike the High Tech Exercise Bike and Maintenance Free Exercise Cycle.

For a static exercise bike for use in your home that's both hi tech, easy to use and maintenance free take a look at the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike which is designed for home and semi-commercial use and is in daily use in office gyms and home gyms around the UK.
Buy SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, High Tech Exercise Bike.

High Tech Exercise Bike.

All upright posts are made of steel with an aluminium housing for protection and very good looks a range of high grade plastics are also used meaning the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike is able to stand up to the knocks and scrapes of everyday use and still look good in years to come.

The smooth continuous surface shape and high grade materials are easy to care for with only a wipe down with a cloth needed, you won't need any expensive maintenance to keep this exercise bike in top condition.

The saddle is both large and ergo dynamically designed which means it holds your bottom on the seat and if you have ever suffered from a sore aching bottom after a session on your exercise bike your know that this ergo dynamically designed saddle is going to be a real bonus, it's a large saddle too so everyone both big and small can use the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike without concern.

With a 22kg maximum user weight the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike is suitable for all fitness cyclists from the small to the large to the overweight, use the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike for losing weight, in which case your find the built in calorie counter and heart rate monitor ideal or use the exercise bike for general fitness and toning.

The pedals have adjustable foot straps for all sizes of feet and the pedals are self balancing too which makes for a smoother cycle, the handles are also ergonomically designed and feature several different holding positions from racing to causal cycling.
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