Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is a Value Exercise Bike suitable for Beginners.

With a big comfy seat and a maximum rider weight of 16 stone its solidly constructed and has features you would expect to find only on a exercise bike twice the price.
Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Value Exercise Bike

Value Exercise Bike.

The effort required to cycle is controlled by magnetic resistance, normally only exercise bikes that are much more expensive use magnetic resistance, its super quiet so you can watch TV while you cycle or have a conversation, to adjust how hard it is to cycle, how much effort is required simply turn the resistance knob, clock wise for more resistance so more effort is required and anticlockwise for less resistance so cycling gets easier, that's all you need to do, you have now mastered the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

The seat and hand grips are very well padded so you won't get a sore or tired bottom and your hands will hold the hand grips easily.

There's an exercise screen included, on the screen you can see your speed, time taken to cycle and distance cycled.

Made from plate steel box section with a beautiful silver look and black seat, foam and stand ends the exercise bike looks every bit the professional; piece of home gym equipment.

The legs of the exercise bike have rubber mounts so the exercise bike won't wobble or knock when you're cycling no matter what floor type you have, carpet, lino, concrete or wood.

You don't need an electricity supply to use this exercise bike, with a vast amount of exercise bikes these days you need to plug them into the electrical wall socket when all they do is have a display that a cheap battery can power, save on electricity bills too with the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is easy to store too, its light enough that you can just pick it up and place it against a wall or corner of the room or carry the exercise bike into a spare room or area, with other modern exercise bikes its absolutely impossible to lift them, not so with the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike its transport friendly.
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