Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

The Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike is a Cheap Exercise Bike with Quality Construction.

A high quality and strong exercise bike that is capable of being used by a 16 stone man, there's a training computer with 21 different exercise programmes to choose from, other exercise bikes will have as few as 5 exercise programmes, so you're really getting a wide choice with the Cintura Tempest, exercise programmes to help you lose weight, tone your legs, keep fit, fun cycle, uphill cycling and more.
Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Cheap Exercise Bike

Cheap Exercise Bike.

There's a heart beat sensor in the hand grips, just hold the hand grips are your heart beat will be displayed on the training computer screen, it's a colour screen that's very large, one of the largest screens available on a exercise bike today.

You can adjust the seat up and down and backwards and forwards as well as tilting, the advantage of a seat that can move backwards and forwards is that smaller people need to be very close the hand grips while large people need more space and need to be further away from the hand grips, with the Cintura Tempest you can adjust the seat so it's just right for you.

The training computer displays everything you need to know time taken, time remaining, current cycling speed, distance travelled, calories used and heart beat and all these features are very simple to use, use the calorie counter to keep track of how many calories your burning through exercise, essential if your following a calorie controlled diet as you need to know how many calories your eating and how many calories your using through exercise.

There's a years warranty included so if you have any problems your get a new exercise bike and delivery is free too, so the price you see is the price you pay with no added extras and when you have such a cheap exercise bike as the Cintura Tempest you have an absolute bargain on your hands.
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