Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Trainer.

The Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Trainer is a Strong Crosstrainer, this Heavy Duty Elliptical Trainer can support a maximum weight of 18 stone and is made from heavy duty steel.

The Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Trainer has large articulating foot plates which move with your feet, conventional elliptical trainers have fixed foot plates which don't put your lower body, feet and legs in an optimal position to get the most out of your exercise and force the correct posture, this leads to sore feet and legs, if your current crosstrainer is making you sore while you exercise then you must buy the Fuel Fitness EL335 and use the articulating foot plates.
Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Trainer, Strong Crosstrainer

Strong Crosstrainer.

With a maximum stride length of 18 inches everyone from the small or short to the large and tall can use this elliptical trainer without having to pul up short on each stride as you cramp yourself to try and fit a elliptical trainer that's too small.

There's 16 levels of resistance control and it's easy to adjust the resistance to your cross training from the built in control panel.

A 2 stone flywheel spins around as you use the elliptical trainer, it's this flywheel that provides a comfortable easy to use elliptical trainer with a smooth motion that does not have any of the jerkiness or stickiness of other makes of elliptical trainer.

A water bottle and water bottle holder is included, these are mounted in front of you on the elliptical trainers main column within easy reach, there's two sets of handlebars to choose from, moving and fixed handlebars and you can hold either of these handlebars when you are exercising or none at all if you prefer to improve your balance. The fixed handlebars have pulse sensors on them which when you hold them with your hands transmit your heartrate to the digital display.

The heartrate monitor can be used to control the exercises on the elliptical trainer adjusting the difficulty of the exercise program depending on your heart rate, harder or faster when you heart rate indicates that your not working that hard and less effort and slower when your heart rate indicates you need to slow down.

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