Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer.

The Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer has an Easy to Read Backlit Display with Extra Large Letters so if you have trouble with your eyesight your find the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer very easy to use.

The backlit display improves the contrast of the letter so even those with very poor eyesight can read the letters on the digital display, if you just like to exercise without wearing your classes then your appreciate the extra large letters used on the digital display, just because you have poor eyesight does not mean that you can't get the full benefit out of home fitness equipment.
Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer, Easy to Read Backlit Display

Easy to Read Backlit Display.

The elliptical trainer is big and sturdy and easy to find your way around with big knobs and bigger buttons you won't have any trouble using the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer.

A maximum user weight of 21 stone ensures that everyone who wants to exercise at home, now can, from the young to the old to the large to the small.

There's a lifetime warranty on the frame and the braking system so you never need worry about the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer breaking down.

There's a duel handlebar system available so you can choose a moving or a stationary handlebar whichever suits you better, if your concerned about your balance then the stationary handlebars are best and if you can cope with the moving handlebars your get an upper body workout too and be able to measure your heart rate with the built in heart rate monitor that's part of the stationary handlebars, your heart rate will be displayed in large easy to read letters on the elliptical trainer and you can even easily select a exercise program that will use your heart rate reading to automatically adjust your exercise program, not too hard and not too easy.

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