Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill.

The Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill is a Beginners Treadmill with a Folding Design that's Space Saving too.

Ideal for beginners with a big emergency stop button and an emergency stop cord, the cord is great for beginners, one end of the cord attaches to the treadmill the other end of the cord attaches round your wrist or clipped to your clothing, then if you fall off or lose your balance the cord is pulled out of the treadmill and the treadmill comes to an immediate stop.
Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill, Beginners Treadmill

Beginners Treadmill.

Other features that will suit the beginner are heart rate sensors in the handlebars of the treadmill, simply hold the handlebars as you walk or run and your pulse will be measured in your hands and your heart rate calculated, your heart rate will then be displayed on the digital control panel, but better than that your heart rate can be used to control the actual exercise programme, increasing the speed or effort level required when your heart rate shows you can cope with a higher level of exercise and reducing the effort level or speed when your heart rate rises and a rest is required.

With heart rate control the beginner can be sure they are getting an exercise programme designed just for them that will get them fir or lose weight safely and in the comfort of your own home.

Beginners will also like the folding aspects of this treadmill, simply pull a lever and the treadmill, will push upwards folding the running deck upwards so the treadmill takes practically no floor space as the running deck is moved up vertically, ideal for the beginner who won't be using the treadmill every day and does not want the treadmill taking over their house.

With a maximum runners weight of 21 stone beginners can use this treadmill even if they would classify themselves as unfit or overweight.
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