Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill.

The Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill offers Easy Storage as it's a Folding Treadmill.

When you have finished exercising on your Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill simply pull the treadmill deck upwards, the power assisted running deck will easily glide upwards and lock into an upright position, and with the running deck now folded upwards the size of the treadmill is now very much reduced, there's wheels on the bottom of the treadmill which touch the ground when you tilt the folded treadmill so you can position the folded treadmill out of the way in a small corner until its needed again.
Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill, Easy Storage

Easy Storage.

If you have ever run on a treadmill and got sore feet or sore legs that's because you where running on a hard treadmill, a treadmill that does not have suspension or cushioning, where treadmills are superior to road running is that they have a cushioned suspension system preventing leg and foot injury whilst running, not many treadmills have this system, but the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill does, the VCS cushioning system keeps your legs and feet vibration and impact free so your legs and feet will get less tired and your be free from impact injuries.

Treadmill motors work hard, they carry the running deck round at high speed and under large impact loads as every time you step down whilst running you have the potential to stall or burn out the treadmill motor, the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill uses a high performance 3.5HP electric motor to power the treadmill round at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour with a maximum load of 22 stone, the frame and electric motor on the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill suffer the most from impact and on some makes of treadmill are the first to wear out or fail, but the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill has a lifetime warranty on these parts so no matter how big or how heavy the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill will offer great service for years to come.
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