IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine.

IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine the Whoosh Rower, IronMan Rowing Machine.

Have you been impressed by those rowing machines at the gym the ones that make the whooshing sound when you pull on the rowing handle, its very satisfying to hear the whoosh sound every time you pull the cord and now these popular rowers are available for home use.
IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine, Whoosh Rower.

Whoosh Rower, IronMan Rowing Machine.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine is one of those whoosh rowers that you see at the gym, all gyms use air rowers to give them their proper names because they offer a range of different resistances and they last for many years plus they make the whooshing noise everybody loves.

The whooshing noise is actually the sound of air rushing as inside the circular housing you see at the front of the rower is a fan, as you pull on the rowing machine handle the fan turns and as you adjust the resistance you want to pull against (the effort level lever) the vanes on the fan turn to be more or less aerodynamic depending on whether you have selected more resistance (less dynamic) or less resistance (more aero dynamic).

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine has a large moulded seat which has been ergonomically designed to stay comfortable even for extended rowing sessions, the seat runs along a large flat and very straight aluminium runner which is lightweight and has incredibly low friction thanks to the bearings which the seat is mounted on so when you row backwards and forwards the seat glides rather than grinds as rowers from some manufacturers do.

The digital display on the rower is directly in front of you as you sit on the rower so your have no problems reading the large display even when your rowing backwards and the digital display is furthest away from you.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine has eight levels of resistance so there's more than enough for the beginner and the professional rower alike, start with a smaller resistance level (one is easier than level eight which is hard) and as you get used to rowing with that resistance level slowly over the weeks increase resistance you should always try to push yourself a little but not as much that you fail to complete your exercise programme or your lose motivation to continue.

The long beam is very smooth and has a low coefficient of friction making the seat glide easily back and forth on the aluminium rail the rail is hinged and folds upright when not in use freeing up your floor space so if your concerned that you might not have enough room for home exercise equipment think again as with a folding rower you can easily put the rowing machine out of the way when not in use.

When you fold the rower you can push the rower along on its wheels that only touch the floor when the rower is folded so you can easily move the rower into another room so you can exercise in one room in your house and move the rower into another room in your house for storage.

There's a combine rowing computer and digital display built into the body of the rowing machine which shows you the time you have been rowing, your stroke count in strokes per minute as well as the total strokes you have done whilst rowing (one stroke is one backwards and forwards action) an d the calories you have burned up whilst rowing.

The rowing machine can display the same information all the time for example you can set the rower to only display your rowing time or you can use the scan mode where the rower will one by one flick through all the displays time, distance, speed, stroke rate etc.
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