IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer.

IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer with Dual Handlebars for Full Body Workout.

The IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer has two sets of handlebars a fixed or stationary handlebar and a moving handlebar the fixed handlebars provide a lower body workout and act like a step machine toning and shaping your thighs, legs, calves and bottom.
IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer, Dual Handlebars.

Dual Handlebars, Full Body Workout.

The moving handlebars have an elliptical action as opposed to the step action of the fixed handlebars, the elliptical action works the full body as the moving handlebars provide an upper body workout working the arms and shoulders.

When you buy the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer it's like buying two machines in one you get a step machine and an elliptical trainer thanks to the two sets of handlebars.

There's sixteen exercise programmes built into the elliptical trainer, you select which exercise program you would like to use from the buttons on the digital display and you can choose from programs designed to lose weight or increase your cardiovascular activity or timed trials or distance trials, there's lots of different programs designed to help you reach a range of weight and fitness goals.

The IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer has pedals that can be moved forwards and backwards, this backward or reverse action is not supported by all elliptical trainers but your find many people naturally cross train backwards that is pedalling in an anti clockwise direction rather than pedalling in a clockwise direction, while there is nothing wrong with pedalling backwards many home elliptical trainers do not support this the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer does.

On the fixed or stationary handlebars your find a handlebar pulse sensor, when you hold the handlebars the pulse in the palm of your hand is automatically read and your pulse is displayed on the digital display screen.
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