IronMan 3 Station Multigym.

The IronMan 3 Station Multigym comprises of an Ab Station, Leg Station, Chest Station and comes with free delivery.

You get 150Ibs of weight on the weight stack too, you can use any combination and weight size you liike on any station from 15Ibs to the whole 150Ibs, its easy to change the weight your about to train with, just move the weight selector and all of the stations will immediately have that weight available too them.
IronMan 3 Station Multigym, Ab Station, Leg Station, Chest Station

Ab Station, Leg Station, Chest Station.

There's no setting up required as you move between stations all the weight is available to you, theres no need to fiddle about with cables, buttons or levers.

The leg press is included on the IronMan 3 Station Multigym, you won't find many multigyms that have their own legpress, as well as a leg press you can do leg raises and leg dips meaning all leg exercises are available to you with this multigym.

With the lower rowing station, you can do standing rowing, sitting rowing and bent rowing exercises, think how much a rowing machine would cost on its own but with the mutligym you have that included as one of the exercise machines at no extra charge, not to mention the extra space that all those separate exercise machines would take up in your home.

The IronMan 3 Station Multigym is a compact multigym, it's been well thought out with everything where you need it, there's no extra cables or springs or attachments, just start exercising straight away without the need to set anything up.

With free delivery you won't have to pay a thing to have the multigym and 150Ibs of weights couriered too you, and that's just as well as all that weight would be expensive.

With a one year guarantee your assured of a replacement if any troubles develop, the mutigym uses plastic shielded braided steel cable for extra strength and safety and the multigym is made from solid steel box section for increased strength and durability, the wide legs means the multigym will sit flat on your floor and not wobble, knock or make vibration noises in use like some other brands.
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