IronMan Advanced Multigym.

The IronMan Advanced Multigym includes a 150lb Weight Stack and exercise stations for Abs, Biceps, Legs, Lats, Chest.

Use the lat pulldown bar for front and rear pulldowns which will strengthen and tone your back, repeat these exercises and over the weeks your see your back get wider and your have a lovely toned back.
IronMan Advanced Multigym, Includes 150lbs Weight Stack

Includes 150lbs Weight Stack.

Build arm muscle with triceps extensions, the triceps are a very large muscle in your arm and with the IronMan Advanced Multigym your be able to weight train properly, improve your abdominal muscles with assisted crunches and use the chest section for a shoulder press and chest press as well as front and rear butterfly exercises to to tone and improve your chest muscles pectorals.

The leg extension will help you do leg curls which is ideal for strengthening your hamstring muscles, if you have suffered with hamstring injuries in the past isn't it about time you exercised your hamstrings to prevent future injuries with the IronMan Advanced Multigym you can.

If you like rowing on a rowing machine your be pleased to know that the IronMan Multigym has a rowing machine built-in as well.

All of these different exercises use the same weight stack so you have from 15Ibs to 150Ibs of weight available for any exercise, all you do is select the weight you want to lift on the weight stack.

The IronMan Advanced Multigym is a great homegym designed to be compact and fit in your home, when not in use the multigym is compact and does not stick out into the room with bars and bits to trip on, and when in use is ready straight away with no setup required.

Free delivery is included and that's just as well as a courier to deliver 150Ibs of weight could be rather expensive, the IronMan advanced Multigym is cheap and fully featured with many different exercise stations in one, it's a compact multigym and not one of those sprawling multigyms that you walk inside and occupy a whole room.
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