IronMan Free Standing Punching Bag.

IronMan Free Standing Punching Bag lets you Knock The Daylights Out Of A Punch Bag and Not Each Other.

Into boxing, Karate, Jujitsu or some other contact sport or just full of anger and want to whack something then this home free standing punch bag is for you, unlike the old fashioned punch bags hanging from a chain in the ceiling in a boxing club this is the modern contact sport punch bag it has its own base so it won't fall over no matter how hard you whack it.
IronMan Free Standing Punching Bag, Knock The Daylights Out Of A Punch Bag.

Knock The Daylights Out Of A Punch Bag, Not Each Other.

You fill the base with water or sand and then the base is heavy enough that it won't fall over you get a free pair of fingerless sparring gloves too so you can practice your boxing or if your a parent and your teenage boys and girls are always angry or full of energy then get them the IronMan Free Standing Punching Bag its better that they box the punching bag then box their brothers and sisters!

The IronMan Free Standing Punching Bag is easy to clean and is much less trouble than a hanging bag because you don't have to drill holes in your ceiling assuming your ceiling is strong enough in the first place and the bag because it is a standing bag does not swing around like a hanging bag so its easier to hit.

This is a large full size free standing punch bag that you can box and kick as hard as you like and it won't fall over it will just roll or wobble on its base as you hit and kick it as hard as you can as well as being ideal for contact sport training like boxing its also great for working out your aggression, put a photo of the boss on it if you must better to whack the punching bag then whack someone for real.

Delivered free of charge and for sale with a one year warranty.
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