IronMan Kick Boxing Deluxe Trainer.

IronMan Kick Boxing Deluxe Trainer the Punch and Kick Self Standing Bag that's Heavy Duty.

If your in to your kick boxing or just like to work out your aggression then there's no better choice than the IronMan Kick Boxing Deluxe Trainer its the top of the range heavy duty model that will absorb any number and force of punches and kicks without excessive rolling and it won't fall over because you fill the base tank at the bottom with sand or water to provide weight and stability.
IronMan Kick Boxing Deluxe Trainer, Punch and Kick Self Standing Bag.

Punch and Kick Self Standing Bag, Heavy Duty.

Included is a free pair of fingerless sparring gloves and you get free delivery and one years free warranty too.

The trainer is firm enough to resist your punches and kicks whilst not being so hard that your hurt yourself this free standing boxing and kick boxing bag is matt black in colour with white IronMan logo and is well padded and of good quality.

The free standing punch bag has a total height of 167cm which is 5.48 feet and an ideal height for kicking and punching for all heights of opponent.

Free standing punch bags are much better than ceiling mounted punch bags as you won't have to drill a hole in the ceiling assuming your ceiling is strong enough most modern homes will not have a ceiling strong enough making this IronMan punch bag ideal and when filled with water or sand its very solid and very stable, sand is the heaviest so fill with sand for maximum stability but most people will find that filing with water will be plenty stable enough.

Whether you need to fill with sand or water depends on how hard you will be kicking and punching most people unless trained will find filling with water is fine.

With free delivery and a free one year warranty and a new reduced selling price.
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