IronMan Multigym.

The IronMan Multigym is all you need to have your very own home multigym, the multigym includes a Weight Stack and has several machines in one including Lat Pulldowns, Chest Press, Leg Press and Rowing Machine.

You get 150Ib worth of weights included for your multigyum weight stack, the weight stack is divided into 15Ib segments, you can adjust how many segments you want to lift from just 15Ib of weight or maybe 30Ib, 45Ib or whatever weight you want to train with, just move the weight selector bar to the weight you want to lift, its quick and easy to change weights.
IronMan Multigym, Includes Weight Stack

Includes Weight Stack.

You can do just about every gym weight training exercise with this one piece of gym equipment, you save so much money with the IronMan Multigym as you don't have to buy all these individual exercise machines and of course you save a lot of space in your home having all these exercise machines incorporated into the one multigym.

The IronMan Multigym will let you do weight exercises using a lateral pull down bar, great for getting wide shoulders, front and rear lateral pulldowns, triceps extensions to help build big muscled arms, assisted crunches to give you great abs, a fully featured chest station with chest press to help give you a flat fat free chest, a shoulder press to build muscled shoulders and front and rear butterfly exercises to strengthen and tone your chest.

The IronMan Multigym has a leg station for leg extensions that builds up your quads, leg curls to strengthen your hamstring muscles and side kicks with the included ankle strap, side kicks for toning the thighs and hips and often performed in Pilates exercises.

There's a pulley station for performing rowing exercises like upright, seated and bent rowing exercises, preacher curls for building up your biceps.

There's a full one year warranty included so you have plenty time to see if everything is working for you and delivery is free of charge.
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