IronMan Sparring Deluxe Punching Man.

IronMan Sparring Deluxe Punching Man the Free Standing Punch Bag that's Shaped Like a Man.

Supplied with a free pair of fingerless sparring gloves the IronMan Sparring Deluxe Punching Man is suitable for any punching and kicking contact sport like boxing, Judo, Jujitsu or Karate or indeed anyone who just wants to whack four bells out of something when they get mad.
IronMan Sparring Deluxe Punching Man, Free Standing Punch Bag.

Free Standing Punch Bag, Shaped Like a Man.

The punching man is actually shaped like a man and can be used for both punching and kicking when you punch and kick hard the man will roll or wobble slightly but won't fall over because you fill the large base with sand or water, the very large base means that the punching man never falls over and you get a good sparring exercise, because the punching man rocks and wobbles when you hit with your hands or feet you don't suffer impact injury so you can train as hard as you like without hurting yourself.

Ideal for all contact sports or anyone who wants to work out their aggression on something, better to go punching and kicking the punching man than hitting someone for real and its a lot of fun too as you can punch and kick as much as you like, imagine the man is someone you know or put a photo on the punching man if you like its safer to work out your anger on the punching man and get some exercise at the same time.

The punching man is a full size man and is height adjustable so you can make the punching man the same size as you whether your girl or boy, man or women all heights can be catered for so your have an equally matched height opponent to spar with.

With free delivery and one years guarantee the IronMan Sparring Deluxe Punching Man is for sale at a discounted price.
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