PowerTech Olympic 3 Racing Exercise Bike.

PowerTech Olympic 3 Racing Exercise Bike the Home Use Indoor Racing Bike with a High Spec and Low Price.

Don't want to be caught out on the streets as a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra), then get yourself a home racing bike you can exercise at home and go as fast as you like thanks to the front 10kg flywheel which replaces the front wheel of a racing bike, the bike is mounted on a frame rather than wheels so you won't actually travel anywhere but you will get fit and you will have a bike ride that can be just as arduous and hard working as the real thing but all from the comfort of your own home.
PowerTech Olympic 3 Racing Exercise Bike, Home Use Indoor Racing Bike.

Home Use Indoor Racing Bike, High Spec, Low Price.

This is a good looking bike with a white colour frame of touch chip resistant paint and a strong frame capable of supporting a maximum cyclist weight of 19 stone, there's adjustable handlebars too so you can bring the handlebars up or down to suit your height, these are professional racing handlebars with foam grips and multiple handholds, even elbow pads are included free of charge of course you won't have to wear a cycling helmet as the bike is stationary and the lycra is optional too.

At the front your find to little wheels on the bottom of the frame nearest the floor, when you lift up the back of the bike these wheels known as transport wheels touch the floor and you can wheel the bike around your home perfect for storage or just putting the bike into a corner of the room when your not using it.

The pedals have straps and toe clips so your feet are held safely and you can power the pedals round as fast as you like as your feet won't come off the pedals and the sturdy frame feels solid and strong.

You get pad braking and an emergency brake, pull up on the brake and the bike will instantly stop, perfect for emergencies or just when the phone rings.

For sale with free delivery and a one year warranty that can be extended to two years.
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