PowerTech Pacemaker Treadmill.

PowerTech Pacemaker Treadmill the Mid Range Treadmill with Multiple Digital Displays.

The PowerTech Pacemaker Treadmill is a mid range treadmill offering excellent value for money and a good range of features like multiple digital displays so you can see all your times, speeds, distances, calories, pulse rates and more on the screen all at the same time the treadmill has two folding options it can fold upwards for day to day storage between running sessions and it can fold completely flat for longer term storage.
PowerTech Pacemaker Treadmill, Mid Range Treadmill.

Mid Range Treadmill, Multiple Digital Displays.

With a 50 inch long treadmill belt there's plenty room to move about on the PowerTech Pacemaker Treadmill and with 24 built in exercise programmes you won't get bored as you can choose a different exercise programme every time you use the treadmill from programmes to help you lose weight to programmes for endurance and strength training there's an exercise programme that will help you reach your exercise goals such as burning fat or improving overall fitness.

The exercise programmes are built in running sessions that automatically adjust the angle of the treadmill deck and the speed of the motor on the treadmill belt, it feels like your running outside on different types of terrain sometimes flat on a road sometimes up hill and always changing and always interesting when the exercise programme starts you can enter the maximum speed you want the treadmill to go so it won't go faster than your able to keep up with and at any time during the exercise programme you can manually adjust the speed of the treadmill as well as the angle of the running deck.

The running deck lifts upwards with the front of the treadmill mechanically lifting upwards automatically controlled by motors as well as manual controls on the control panel in front of you.

When you buy the PowerTech Pacemaker Treadmill you get free delivery and a 5 year warranty on the electric motor and a one year warranty on all other parts and you can extend the one year warranty to two years.
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