PowerTech Turbo HFS Racing Exercise Bike.

PowerTech Turbo HFS Racing Exercise Bike the Spin Bike for Gym Quality At Home.

You don't have to go to the gym to use a spin bike now you can have a spin bike at home thanks to the PowerTech Turbo HFS Racing Exercise Bike with features like a front weighted flywheel to provide the high speed and momentum that lets you exercise hard and cycle fast and professional pad braking so its as easy to stop as it is to go fast and a sturdy chain transmission system that's fully enclosed behind safety guards and an adjustable micro tension knob for easy resistance adjustment whilst your cycling and free delivery and a one year warranty that's extendable to two years.
PowerTech Turbo HFS Racing Exercise Bike, Spin Bike.

Spin Bike, Gym Quality At Home.

On the front forks your find a water bottle mounted on a holder which is included with the exercise bike so there's nothing more to buy all you need to start racing on your own indoor bike is included the pedals have both strap and toe clips to hold your feet firmly on the pedals even at high speeds and additionally hold your foot properly so your able to get the full power from your pedalling.

Don't worry about your weight as this bike has a maximum rider weight of 24 stone as the bike is made from a high quality steel frame with strong legs that won't wobble even if your cycling as fast as you can to within an inch of your life!

The saddle adjusts not only up and down as you would expect but forward and backwards for reach allowing you to bring your body closer to or further away from the handlebars especially useful if you have longer or shorter arms than average or a bit of a belly that you want to make room for.

The racing bike handlebars are adjustable too so you can angle the handlebars for a position that suits you best.

There's an exercise computer and digital display on the handlebars that's well placed so you can easily read the display and work the buttons whilst you're cycling, on the display you have the time you have been racing, speed your going in real time constantly updating as well as the distance you would have cycled had you not been cycling stationary in your own front room but out on the roads and the calories you have burned whilst cycling so you can monitor your weightless.

Delivery is free and the PowerTech Turbo HFS Racing Exercise Bike comes with a standard one year warranty that can be extended to two years.
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