Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance.

The Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance is a High Quality Exercise Bike with a Smooth Ride.

The heavy flywheel which is built-in makes the exercise bike very easy to pedal with no jerkiness or uneven pedalling and smooth starting and stopping makes this an ideal exercise bike for all ages and all fitness levels as you don't need to be strong to control this exercise bike. The Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike is the closest thing to being on a real bike thanks to the flywheel smoothing out the ride.
Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, High Quality Exercise Bike

High Quality Exercise Bike.

The exercise computer and screen are mounted between the handlebars and the display is clear and easy to read, sensors in the handlebars monitor your pulse and heart rate, this information is then displayed on the digital display along with the effort level, calories burned, distance travelled, time and speed, the exercise bike can automatically adjust to your changing heart rate, increasing or decreasing your effort level to always keep you working at the proper rate for maximum weight loss or exercise efficiency.

The exercise computer is programmable too so you can adjust the built-in exercise programs to more easily meet your goals, you can for instance decrease the effort level or make certain portions of a cycle course easier or harder or make the bits you like best longer.

The exercise bike also has a body fat calculation machine built-in and can work out and display your body fat, it's a great way to see the results of your exercising, every time you use the exercise bike you can check your body fat levels (measured as BMI) and see if they are up or down, as your body fat reduces your be inspired to continue exercising.

The exercise bike seat is very large and very comfortable, so if you have ever sat on an exercise bike and thought the saddle was so small your be pleased with the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike, the seat can also be raised or lowered by a tremendous amount, at full height the seat will be much higher than the handlebars, and some people like a racing position like this, the choice is yours as its fully adjustable.
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