Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill.

The Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill has a Grey Colour and is a very Cool Looking Treadmill.

Reebok treadmills are very beautiful and have some modern features, this is not your average treadmill, Reebok treadmills are beautiful and very functional, this white and grey Reebok treadmill is part of the iRun series, this model the iRun Music has stereo speakers mounted on the consol in front of you as you run, these speakers let you plug a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug from your MP3 player, iPod or iPhone directly into the iRun treadmill and have your music and audio from movies coming out of the speakers.
Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill, Grey Colour

Grey Colour.

If you don't like wearing headphones whilst you run, and who does with headphones getting sweaty and horrible or falling out your ears whilst your jogging, you won't have these problems with the iRun Music treadmill.

The treadmill folds upwards so you don't have to worry about the Reebok treadmill taking up to much room in your home, even folded the beautiful and striking lines of the iRun treadmills look perfect and your be wanting to show your Reebok iRun treadmill to everyone, this is a very modern treadmill design not the horrible old fashioned black coloured treadmills that look industrial in comparison, this is most definitely a home treadmill that will look lovely in your home.

The EKG handrails house two pulse sensors which measure your pulse as you run holding the handrails, the pulse data is then relayed to the digital display where your heartrate is displayed, you can opt to have the built-in exercise programs controlled by your heart rate, going faster and harder or slower and easier as your heart rate changes.

The large digital display shows, speed, calories and time taken as well as the distance travelled and the running deck is large so you won't feel like you're running on a knife edge.

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