Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill Orange.

Buy the Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill with Orange highlights and Plug In Your MP3 Player as he Speakers are Built In to the Treadmill.

If you like to listen to music or video whilst you run but hate wearing headphones then the Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill is for you, it's the most beautiful looking treadmill available today and will look great in any home, with a white frame and grey running deck with orange highlights the Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill is a modern treadmill and the leader in the designer treadmill pack.
Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill Orange, Plug In MP3 Player

Plug In MP3 Player.

The large running deck gives plenty of room to move around, if you're always finding treadmill decks to small and claustrophobic your like the 50 inch length by 16 inch width of this large running area, but just because the treadmill is large that doesn't mean it will take up all the space in your home as the treadmill deck folds upwards into a vertical position for storage, making the footprint of the treadmill very small indeed, you can push the treadmill against a wall for easy storage or behind a door out of the way.

If you like to run or walk on an incline, then simply adjust the incline legs to set the hill or slope you like, running or walking on an incline uses different muscle groups.

The large and clear digital LCD display shows the time you have been running, the speed your running at, the distance you have travelled and the calories you have burned whilst your running, see the calories count up as you run or walk is one of the most satisfying ways to actually see your losing weight.

There's a two year warranty supplied with the Reebok i-Run Music Treadmill so any problems in that time and your get a free repair or replacement treadmill, delivery is free of charge too so there's no more to pay.
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