SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer the Heavy Duty Home Exercise Machine with Floor Levelling stabilisers.

If your looking for a heavy duty elliptical trainer to use at home, one with a strong steel frame and beautiful aluminium housing that's strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 22 stone or 136kg then buy the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer.
SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer, Heavy Duty Home Exercise Machine.

Heavy Duty Home Exercise Machine, Floor Leveling stabilisers.

The SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer is a semi commercial elliptical trainer meaning that its being used in high demand areas like office gyms and sports clubs, here the renowned strength of SEG equipment is very important as the elliptical trainers are used hard every day, the SEG elliptical trainer comes with a 2 year warranty so you know SEG are serious about there high quality claims too.

The SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer features floor labelling stabilisers with these you can adjust the height of the legs to make the SEG elliptical trainer sit totally flat even on the most uneven floors whether you have a timber floor, concrete floor, tiled floor or carpet floor the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer will sit flat and won't make any rocking or vibration noises due to an uneven floor.

The size of your legs determines how large the stride length should be on an elliptical trainer, many elliptical trainers do not have adjustable stride length and so those with short legs are forced to over reach themselves and those with long legs don't get proper exercise as their legs are forced to exercise with a very small stride length, the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer has an adjustable stride length and can be easily adjusted without tools to cope with both short legs and long legs.

On the front post of the elliptical trainer conviently within reach of your hands is a water bottle and water bottle holder which is included, so you can reach for your water without having to balance your water bottle someone on the machine.
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