SEG 6601 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower.

SEG 6601 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower, Two Machines In One with Large Seat.

The SEG 6601 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower is a semi-commercial combined exercise bike and rowing machine for both home use and company gyms, the exercise bike is recumbent meaning the pedals are out in front of you rather than underneath you this is a more natural cycling position and means if you suffer with a bad back you can make use of the large and comfortable seat with supportive backrest, the seat is fully adjustable for different users leg length and the machine easily changes from home exercise bike to rowing machine when you pull a lever.
SEG 6601 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower, Two Machines In One.

Two Machines In One, Large Seat.

There are two separate sets of pedals one set of pedals for the rowing machine to hold your feet in place with straps around your feet and exercise bike pedals again with straps and pedals that move round and round, there's an exercise computer that monitors your exercise time and the calories your burning as you exercise as well as the number of strokes your doing on the rowing machine and your pulse rate which is measured through handlebars just below the seat, you hold these handlebars when your cycling and your pulse rate will be displayed on screen.

The SEG 601 folds up when not in use for easy storage the rowing machine long aluminium rail lifts up on a hinge and locks into an upright position so there's no large rail trailing the floor when not in use and wheels on the back of the SEG 601 let you wheel the folded machine around your home so you can store it out of the way in the corner of a room.

This exercise machine is a good choice for home use where you get two machines in one and when you buy the SEG 601 you get a two year warranty as standard and free delivery.
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