Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool.

The Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool is a Massage Stool or Chair for Massage and Beauty Clinics.

This is a folding massage stool for use in a massage clinic or beauty clinic where you either want to sit on a stool yourself so you're not on your feet the whole time and also standing up or crouching down your just in the wrong position to work on your clients legs or feet not to mention the discomfort you yourself will face standing and crouching all the time.
Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, Massage Stool

Massage Stool.

With the massage stool and beauty clinic stool you can sit on the school holding your clients feet on your lap on a towel to give a pedicure or foot massage its much more comfortable for you and your client.

Alternatively you might have your clients legs and feet resting on this stool whilst you are sat on another massage stool, this puts you at exactly the right height to perform foot massage or a pedicure.

If your client is sat on a massage stool, you can sit on a massage stool behind your client to perform a back, neck or shoulder massage whilst they are in a seated position, many clients prefer this if a full body massage is not being given, as for beauty clinics sitting on the stool for a massage will mean the client does not even need to undress for a head or neck massage and you won't be standing up all day in need of a massage yourself by the end of the day.

These seats are made from luxury cream PU leather and beautiful oak wood, they fold for easy transporting and are so cheap you can buy one for yourself and your clients.

These massage and beauty clinic stools fold so you can pop them in the boot of your car or folded on the back or front seat of your car, they are easy to move around the massage or beauty clinic and have very thick memory foam underneath a beautiful PU leather cream covering which can be wiped clean of spills with just a damp cloth.
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