Tahiti Maternity Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Maternity Massage Table, it's for Expectant Mothers Massage and is a Pregnancy Safe Massage Tables.

If your pregnant and enjoy a massage but are worried about baby or your regular massage therapist doesn't have an appropriate massage table for pregnant mums, then why not buy your own pregnancy massage table they are a lot cheaper than you think, this one folds up into its own carry case so it's easy to store at home, store it behind a door or in the garage or under the stairs or just leave it in the boot of your car so it's easy to take round to your massage centre.
Tahiti Maternity Massage Table, Expectant Mothers Massage

Expectant Mothers Massage.

Why not buy the pregnancy massage table for an expectant mother as a gift, this massage table has been reduced in price and is a very good deal and much cheaper than you would think, a massage table makes a great present and of course you don't have to stop using it after you have given birth.

If you enjoy a massage but want to make sure that baby is protected then buy this pregnancy massage table which has removable breast, chest and stomach bungs so you can easily make room for your bump.

The pregnancy massage table is very comfortable as its uses inch thick memory foam for a very comfortable and very relaxing massage, there's a face cradle that can be removed and there's arm rest which can be removed too, all these removable items are stored inside the massage table case so you don't have to carry more than one item with you.

Delivered free of charge and for sale at a supper low price.

Beautiful to look at coated in PU leather, a cream coloured leather that's easy to care for, just wipe oils and water away with a damp cloth.
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