Tahiti Niam Massage Chair.

The Tahiti Niam Massage Chair is a Blue Massage Chair that's Smaller than a Massage Table.

If you want to offer massages at your beauty clinic and don't have the room for a massage table or want to offer massages where you don't need a dedicated massage room which has the added benefit of enabling you to offer massages in a public area without any nudity being or full body massages being requested.
Tahiti Niam Massage Chair, Blue Massage Chair

Blue Massage Chair.

Just sit your massage patient down on the massage chair, either resting their back on the backrest or sitting facing the massage table with their knees on the knee pads enabling you to offer a back massage or neck and shoulder massage very easily as your client has been placed in exactly the right position.

The face cradle is fully adjustable for different height patients, you can even remove the face cradle if you or your massage clients prefer not to use them.

You can use this massage chair at home or as part of a beauty salon or massage salon, at home the massage chair makes for a very comfortable chair if your just sitting watching television, or you can sit and kneel on the massage chair as reserch has shown that a kneeling chair is actually better for your posture, your find the massage chair takes up very little room and can be easily transported in the boot of a car.

The massage chair folds flat for easy storage, store the massage table at home under a bed, or under the stairs or folder up and rested against a wall in a beauty or massage salon these folding massage chairs are ideal as you can easily fold them all up and stack them against the wall when not in use, but should you have several massage clients with short notice they are easy to unfold and ready for immediate use.
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