Tahiti Onyx Cream Superlight Massage Table.

The Tahiti Onyx Cream Superlight Massage Table is a Folding Massage Table which Folds Into its own Case making this a very easy and elegant massage table to carry around with you.

This is a portable massage table that actually folds up into its own case for easy carrying, the massage table is made from a lightweight aluminium frame which is very strong and can support a massage client of up to 56 stone so no matter how heavy your clients you will feel confident using the folding massage table, whilst being incredibly strong the massage table is incredibly light too and easy to carry in its case.
Tahiti Onyx Cream Superlight Massage Table, Folding Massage Table

Folding Massage Table.

If you're buying this massage table for home use then you're like the fact that when the massage table is folded and placed in the case you can store the massage table under your bed, behind a door, under the stairs or anywhere as it folds right up into its case.

If you're buying the folding massage table because you hold massage sessions round peoples homes or at a massage centre then your love how easy it is to carry, when folded it's not big and bulky and can be assembled just by unfolding.

There's a separate face cradle which detaches so you can use it if you like face cradles and leave it off if you don't, the face cradle has memory foam around the edges to make this the most comfortable massage table, in fact several inches of memory foam so it really is very comfortable.

There's an arm rest too, one on each side and these are detachable too, so you can use them if you like or leave them off, the face cradle and arm rests all fit into the carrying case so that there's no bits and pieces to worry about carrying separately.

The carry case is actually formed by folding the massage table so there's not even a case to worry about bring separately.

With free delivery and a super low price this Folding Massage Table is a best seller.
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