Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair.

Buy the Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair, it's a Portable Massage Chair with a unique Folding Design.

Many people prefer a massage chair to a massage table for many different reasons, some people have injuries and find lying down on a massage chair painful, pregnant mothers prefer a massage chair so that they are not putting pressure on baby and can sit back in a relaxed position without putting pressure on baby.
Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair, Portable Massage Chair

Portable Massage Chair.

Men and women who are obese or just carrying a few more pounds than they would like prefer massage chairs because they are not lying on their stomachs putting undue pressure on their stomach or their backs and also many obese people are worried about the stability of the massage table.

The massage chair has a maximum client wait of 56 stone in weight, so is more than strong enough to cope with any size client, the metal frame of the chair whilst being lightweight for easy carrying is made from a steel frame.

The luxury PU leather is cream in colour and coupled with the dark of the painted black steel frame looks superb, definitely a massage chair that any client would be happy to sit on.

The PU leather whilst looking superb is easy to clean just wipe away any oils or liquids with a damp cloth to restore the beautiful look.

When you have finished massaging or using the chair for beauty treatments like facials, manicure or pedicures simply fold the chair and store in a corner of your home, its lightweight to carry made from lightweight steel and will easily fit in the boot of your car or on the back seat or passenger seat.

The massage chair adjusts in height (up and down) and angle (sat up straight, lying down or at an angle), so whatever position is most comfortable for your client can be easily achieved.

The Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair is suitable for the elderly too as with a limited range of movement they will find it much easier to sit on the massage chair than lie-down on a massage table.
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