Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair.

The Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair is Easy To Store and a Lightweight Massage Chair.

If you link pink things then you're going to love this pink massage chair, it's cheap too as it's now for sale at a bargain price.
Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair, Easy To Store

Easy To Store.

Ideal for the beauty professional who offers facials, manicures or pedicures as this massage chair is very comfortable, lightweight and easy to move around, the massage chair is also ideal for giving massages where a massage table is not suitable because you don't have the room for a massage table, or your massage clients are pregnant and could not easily lie down on a massage table or your massage clients are overweight or obese and would have problems lying down on a conventional massage table.

If your massage clients are pregnant or overweight you don't have to worry about this massage chair as it has a maximum sitting weight of 55 stone, whilst being incredibly strong made from a lightweight steel frame the massage chair is very lightweight and easy to move around the massage clinic, beauty clinic or home.

As the massage chair folds up neatly it's easy to put in the boot of your car or on the backseat and if you're using the massage chair in a massage clinic or beauty clinic it's easy to move around from room to room as it's so lightweight and self contained, there's no separate bits to fall off or get lost, an important point to note if you won't be using the massage chair everyday so that when you come back to it everything is ready to go and you're not hunting for the parts.

The massage chair is covered in PU leather, it has the look and feel of leather and is wipe clean too, oils and liquids can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.

The who massage chair is covered in one inch think high density foam so the chair is very comfortable, a comfortable seat, comfortable back rest, comfortable face cradle, the face cradle has adjustments and can be adjusted for different clients bringing the face cradle up or down in height, the face cradle can also be removed if not required.
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